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Accepted papers


Main Track


Chair: Hugo Paredes

Room A / ZOOM – 1 September | 15h30m – 16h30m

#333 Peer-to-peer interviews in times of COVID-19 and how the desires and needs of people with disabilities are still heard due to online-communication and telephone interviews
Franz Puehretmair

#372 ParlaConMe an AAC software designed for Italian language
Fabio Sacchi, Serenella Besio, Mabel Giraldo, Nicole Bianquin, Elena Laudanna

#381 Can’t You Tell I am a Human? A Comparison of Common Text and Image CAPTCHAs Using a Low-Fidelity Methodology
Hannah Marie Maurstad Eriksen, Lars Hoel, Caroline Sofie Jetteberg, Amalie Christine Leiknes, Frode Eika Sandnes

#388 Authoring tools are critical to the accessibility of the documents
Jordi Roig, Mireia Ribera, Rubén Alcaraz


Chair: Tiago Pinto

Room A / Zoom – 1 September 17h00m – 18h30m

#420 A specialized cognitive walkthrough to evaluate digital games for the elderly
Flávia de Souza Santos, André de Lima Salgado, Débora Maria Barroso Paiva, Renata Pontin de Mattos Fortes, Sandra Pereira Gama

#349 Citizens’ Participation in the Co-Design of Smart Cities’ Applications, a Scoping Review
Nelson Pacheco Rocha

#350 Development of a Digital Solution to Support Physical Exercises and Cognitive Training Interventions
Nelson Pacheco Rocha

#354 Accessibility and readability compliance in Spanish public hospital websites
Lourdes Moreno, Rodrigo Alarcon, Paloma Martínez


Chair: Diana Carvalho

Room A / Zoom – 1 September 18h30m – 20h00m

#374 Analysis of web accessibility evaluation tools and guidelines for monitoring according to the Directive (EU) 2016/2102
Nataša Rajh, Matjaž Debevc

#377 Privacy and Data Security in Everyday Online Services for Older Adults
Jonas Ellefsen, Weiqin Chen

#378 Promoting Accessibility for Visually Impaired Users through Formative Audiovisual Content
Francisca Toledo Rocha Lourenço, Rita Alexandra Silva Oliveira, Jorge Trinidad Ferraz de Abreu

#456 Virtual Reality as a solution for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: a state of the art systematic review
Rui Silva, Diana Carvalho, Paulo Martins, Tânia Rocha

#470 Performance Analysis and Evaluation of Cloud Vision Emotion APIs
Salik Ram Khanal, Prabin Sharma, HUGO Fernandes, João Barroso, Vítor Filipe

Paper Sessions

D1: Digital Healthcare and Wellbeing

Chair: Ana Isabel Veloso

Co-chair: Liliana Vale Costa

Room A / Zoom – 31 August | 15h00m – 16h30m

#417 Digital technologies as a promotor of well-being and inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities: what is the current situation?
Oksana Tymoshchuk, Isabel C. Martins, Eulália Albuquerque, Cátia R. Cartaxo & Ana M. P. Almeida

#368 Involving end-users in the design of a digital platform for Including People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Higher Education and Employment: preliminary findings
Ana Margarida P. Almeida, Ana Filipa S. Ferreira, Virgínia Chalegre

D2: Smart Human-Machine Cooperation: Enhancing accessibility, sustainability and fighting Info-exclusion

Chair: João Rodrigues

Co-chair: Celia Ramos

Room A / Zoom – 31 August | 17h00m – 19h00m

#431 Inception Network for Anthropometric Body Measurements Estimation from Structured Point Clouds
Dana Skorvankova, Martin Madaras

#435 Enhancing Accessibility with Informed AR Authoring of Hybrid Geometry Learning
Zuzana Berger Haladová

#439 “Hungarian” Image (Differencing) Descriptor
Zuzana Černeková

#442 Technological Innovations and Effects on Online Shopping
Carolina Mariano, Catarina Santos, Mariana Mariano, Celia M.Q. Ramos

#451 Emotion Classification from Speech by an Ensemble Strategy
Rui Novais, Pedro Cardoso, João Rodrigues

D3: Technological mediators to support the play of children with disabilities

Chair: Serenella Besio

Room B / Zoom – 31 August | 15h00m – 16h30m

#393 Making playing robots for persons with disabilities: a framework and some experiences
Andrea Bonarini

#410 Developing accessible robots and playful activities for children with disabilities Multidisciplinary Guidelines for developers, reviewers, educational professionals and researchers
Serenella Besio

#430 Special iApps: Play-based Learning for Children with Severe Intellectual Disabilities
Samiullah Paracha, Gill Hagan-Green, Lynne Hall, Kate Macfarlane

D4: Accessible, Smart, and Integrated Healthcare Systems for Elderly and Disabled People

Chair: Carlos Velasco

Co-chair: Yehya Mohamad

Room A / Zoom – 1 September | 08h30m – 10h00m

#386 CAREPATH Protocol for Creating a Single Holistic Digitally Implementable Consensus Clinical Guidelines for Multiple Multi-morbid Conditions
Tim David Robbins, Deva Muthalagappan, Bridget O’Connell, Jagdeep Bhullar, Leigh-Jayne Hunt, Ioannis Kyrou, Theodoros N Arvanitis, Sarah N Lim Choi Keung, Helen Muir, Omid Pournik, Steinhoff Antje, Wolfgang Schmidt-Barzynski, Oana Cramariuc, A Cristiana, Gocke Ertürkmen Laleci, Mert Gençtürk, Mustafa Yüksel, Elena Gómez-Jiménez, Almudena Avendaño Céspedes, Elisa Belén Cortés Zamora, Elisa Belén Cortés Zamora, Rubén Alcantud Córcoles, Pedro Abizanda, Mohamad Yehya, Jaouhar Ayadi, Jaouhar Ayadi, Harpal Randeva, Jaouhar Ayadi

#396 CAREPATH methodology for development of computer interpretable, integrated clinical guidelines
Omid Pournik, Bilal Ahmad, George Despotou, Sarah N. Lim Choi Keung, Yehya Mohamad, Henrike Gappa, Gokce B. Laleci Erturkmen, Mustafa Yuksel, Mert Gencturk, Wolfgang Schmidt-Barzynski, Antje Steinhoff, Timothy Robbins, Ioannis Kyrou, Harpal Randeva, Jaouhar Ayadi, Theodoros N. Arvanitis

#407 Development of a flexible and interoperable architecture to customize clinical solutions targeting the care of multimorbid patients
Martin Breidenbach, Florim Hamiti, Aynur Guluzade, Naguib Heiba, Birgit Herbeck Belnap, Dagmar Lühmann, Yehya Mohamad, Carlos A Velasco

#444 Developing a Computer System Prototype to Support Aphasia Rehabilitation
Henrique Pereira S. Mamede, Nuno Nogueira, Vitor Santos, Pedro Maia Malta, Carolina Santos

D5: Accessible, Smart, and Integrated Healthcare Systems for Elderly and Disabled People

Chair: Yehya Mohamad

Co-chair: Carlos Velasco

Room A / Zoom – 1 September | 10h30m – 12h00m

#412 Key scenarios, use cases & architecture of an e-health homecare instance
Yehya Mohamad

#411 A step forward in supporting home care more effectively
Henrike Gappa

#383 The design of a mobile platform providing personalized assistance to older multimorbid patients with mild dementia or mild cognitive impairment (MCI)
Mert Gencturk, Mustafa Yuksel, Henrike Gappa, Wolfgang Schmidt-Barzynski, Antje Steinhoff, Pedro Abizanda, Timothy Robbins, Omid Pournik, Bilal Ahmad, Harpal Randeva, Oana Cramariuc, Theodoros N. Arvanitis, Jaouhar Ayadi, Yehya Mohamad, Gokce B. Laleci Erturkmen

#384 Enabling Patient Adherence via Personalised, Just-in Time Adaptive Interventions in ADLIFE Architecture
Gokce Banu Laleci Erturkmen, Mert Baskaya, Bunyamin Sarigul, Mustafa Yuksel, Tuncay Namli, Suat Gonul, Gokhan Yilmaz, Mert Gencturk, Janika Bloemeke, Theodoros N Arvanitis, Roma Maguire, Rachelle Kaye, Esteban de Manuel Keenoy

D6: Technologies that help teachers and students to obtain a truly inclusive education with regard to industry 4.0 & Learning Technologies in Special Education and Inclusion

Chair: Emmanuelle Gutiérrez Y Restrepo

Co-chair: Tassos Anastasios Mikropoulos

Room B / Zoom – 31 August | 17h00m – 19h00m

#465 Supporting Teachers and Students Through a Smart Integrated System for Truly Inclusive Higher Education
Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo, Claudia Floris

#466 Personalized, Adaptive, and Accessible Learning Paths: User Experience and Assessment
Miguel Cordova

#400 A Strategic Approach to a Disability Inclusive Academic Department
Jennifer Chrishanthie George

#467 Attention-Aware Pedagogical Agent for Smart Book Reading
Andreia Artifice, Joao Sarraipa, Fernando Ferreira, Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves Mail

#363 The accessibility of Digital Learning Resources: an analysis of audiovisual resources
Francisca Toledo Rocha Lourenço, Rosa Sandra Santos Paiva, Rita Alexandra Silva Oliveira, Ana Margarida Pisco Almeida

#366 A model for the design of immersive learning enactments for students with intellectual disability
Michael Delimitros, Aikaterini Stergiouli, Georgia Iatraki, Tassos A. Mikropoulos, George Koutromanos


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